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UniConsult is an independent Environmental Consulting company Location in the city of Belém, State of Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon. extensive know-how we have extensive experience in and development of technologies and solutions natural resources. Our mission is to our clients what is best environmental services, ensuring the welfare and social always focusing on sustainability. We are looking for a company in constant process of development, keeping looking with new technologies and environmental politicians Brazil and worldwide. We are part of the Unifloresta Group, which for 9 years strengthening the forest-based sector in the Amazon.









Know our main services for the international market:


Developed especially for US importing companies and Europe that purchase AMAZON TIMES from the AMAZON concern about the origin and legality of the chain of custody, the LVP was created by Unifloresta Consultoria em Gestão Ambiental (UniConsult), with support of the Unifloresta Forest Productive Chain Association of the of the WWF-BRAZIL NGO, the LVP program aims to minimize the risks of these importers in acquiring native wood from the Amazon forest, LACEY ACT and USTR protocols. Europe, such rules require documentary requirements and procedures for the import licensing of timber. With this program the importers have been able to avoid major penalties because they have the sustainable and responsible purchase of wood from Amazon, adding a great value to the image of their companies.

The LVP makes a technical analysis of the various steps of the path of its wood, from extraction to export, checking through your team multidisciplinary all the documents in detail and analyzing all the licenses to determine the origin of each part of the route, and the appear to be:

RECOMMENDED - When the Chain of Custody analyzed does not present no environmental problem or risk to those involved. The report receives a green stamp of "RECOMMENDED FOR SHIPPING".

RECOMMENDED WITH RESSALVAS - When chains need documents to be validated, such as environmental agency or justifications. The report receives the Yellow label.

NOT RECOMMENDED - When the chain of custody has some type of controversy, fraud, environmental risk or any evidence that may the legality of timber. The report receives the red Recommended for shipping & quot .


In order to work with the reliability of the origin of the products of forest base from the Amazon, the Unifloresta Consultoria em Gestão (UniConsult), with the support of the Unifloresta Amazon Forest Producer and the NGO WWF-BRASIL developed a application called Followood, which performs product traceability guaranteeing evidence and legal certainty in the wood. Traceability is the ability to trace the history, application or location of product through identification. Uniconsult applies this concept to products of the forest-based sector, allowing the identification of the origin of the materials or components, the history of production and the the location during your journey.


Through the identification by QR Code of the products, in the case of the base sector of the logs, it is possible to follow the product from its extraction, to its final destination. With traceability, both the seller and the buyer can certainty about the legality of the product, to have evidence of this and the documentation of the Chain of Custody, as established by the inspectors.


With the globalization of the commercial markets it is necessary to identify the origin of the raw materials and the actual conditions under which the fulfilled. Thus, the traceability of UniFloresta is fundamental to ensure that the product and the marketing process are being carried out in accordance with the legislation in force in the country, so the responsibility of each one of the agents of the production chain. Consequently, traceability enables faster competent authorities in the case of the identification of illegal activity.

- Follow up of the product and the vehicle that transports it through GPS (ByUniFloresta)

- Collection of necessary data and information on the product and transport to produce evidence
- Detail of product information (wood log), such as: volume, UT, tree number, log session and management project.
- Generation of physical evidence (georeferenced photos, GPS)
- Fraud-proofing application (encryption)
- Satellite tracking
- It is not necessary to use internet for data collection (only for synchronization)
- Calculation of wooden cube in log
- Individual identification of logs through QR Code
- Increase in the value added of the final product